The National Infrastructure Agency – ANI – is a government agency under the Ministry of Transport. ANI’s purpose is to plan, coordinate, structure, contract, implement, manage and evaluate projects, concessions and other forms of public private partnerships – PPP – and the design, construction, maintenance, operation, management and / or operation of public transport infrastructure.

During the last five years ANI has supported Holdtrade Atlántico’s plans to implement railway operations. ANI and Holdtrade Atlántico’s working relationship is a good example of a joint effort of the public and private sectors to achieve a common objective.


Fenoco S.A. is a Colombian company that is in charge of the administration of the Atlantic Railway Network. Fenoco gives railway operators access to transport all types of cargo with their railway equipment. It performs traffic control, maintenance and construction on 246 kilometers of railway line. In 2017 Holdtrade Atlántico signed an agreement to access the track managed by Fenoco. During the last four years the two companies have built a professional relationship supporting not only Holdtrade Atlántico’s project but also the development of Colombia’s railway sector in general.

The Port of Santa Marta is a Colombian entity with public and private participation. It develops, maintains and operates the multipurpose port of Santa Marta providing a large portfolio of services. World class shipping lines serve the port. The port’s advantages include a natural deep draft, protected piers and – of course – railway access. Holdtrade Atlántico has worked closely with the port in order to devise a railway operation that improves the port’s efficiency and exploits Santa Marta’s advantage of being the only Caribbean port connected by rail with Colombia’s interior.

Holdtrade Atlántico and the port have conducted successfully several field tests, including the trial train.