OPL CARGA SAS (OPL), founded in 2006, is a market leader in integrated logistics and transport services and serves the industrial and commercial sector in dry and liquid cargo transport, reefer cargo transport, storage, unpacking of containers, port operations and distribution nationwide. OPL Cargo transports circa of 4.8 million tons per year.

IOWA PACIFIC HOLDINGS, LLC, (IPH) founded in 2001, is an experienced freight and passenger train operator. IPH’s strategy is acquiring underutilized railways and, through creative marketing, strategic capital investment and careful cost control, converting them into efficient, safe and profitable companies that serve the communities in which they operate. IPH’s operations have been winnerc of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association commercial award.

Today, IPH operates seven railroads across the United States and through its subsidiary British American Railway Services, operates two railroads and related services in the United Kingdom.

HOLDTRADE (UK) LTD, founded in 1996, is one of the main suppliers of railway materials for industrial railways in the United Kingdom, is one of the most experienced companies in the world in the supply of materials and rolling stock for the construction of industrial and mining railways.  Holdtrade (UK) Ltd is a shareholder in Holdtrade Atlantico SAS through Greenwich Railways Ltd.

GREENWICH RAILWAYS LIMITED is a UK based company that brings a deep understanding of all the matters related to the Colombian legal framework for a project of this complexity and the technical, financial and international trade experience based on the expertise of its founding partners.